Sunday, September 11, 2011

Back 2 School: Not Just for Kids............. Study the Word!!!

Hey All!!!

It's been too long and I feel like I've left my blog unattended! It's like my little baby!!!

Anywho....... although I haven't been writing, God's been dealing with me in many ways! Wow... this has been a turbulent time, however God is guiding this ship and I am certain that he will bring me out on the other side. The turbulence might cause scars, but every scar will be a testament to God's faithfulness and revelational for my growth!

Over these past few weeks, God has shown me how to be more compassionate (recent test that I will have to retake), patient, how to trust him, and most of all to be thankful when he's guiding my life - especially when he takes me through a hard NO!

I've started reciting Psalms 34: 1-10 every morning. Boy, when I started quoting this, I had no idea how God was getting ready to lead me through. I am certain he gave me that passage in scripture at the perfect time because certain verses started applying after I memorized them. At first they were just words to memorize. Now, the entire passage has come to make perfect sense and comfort my soul. "Blessed is the man who trusts in him" (Ps. 34.8).

The Holy Spirit revealed to me why it's so important to hid God's word in your heart (Ps. 119:11). When you study the word, it pleases God! Not only is it an opportunity for God to approve you as his workman (2Tim 2:15), but the word of God (in concert with the Holy Spirit) is a sustainer, comforter, guider, ALL OF THAT! LOL. The word of God will spring forth in you and the Holy Spirit will send you back to passages that you've studied during your time of need to help soothe your soul and remind you that God still cares, He's still on the throne, and He has a purpose for everything concerning you!

I'm slowly but surely learning to be faithful in giving thanks in all things (1 Thes 5:18) because God is decided! He knows my beginning from my end. And even when things don't go my way or work out how I want them too, God still has his hand in the situation (if I'm doing what's right and upholding his standards - no compromising!). Proverbs 3:5-6 says "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path." That's a KJV/ NIV combo version! LOL But... we forget that God is still (and even more so) directing your path when he says NO... not now, wait be patient, trust me... all of those things. Because things don't go our way, we get discouraged. And that's not how we're supposed to live. We have to stop letting no's frustrate us... and certainly don't let it frustrate your purpose!

The Lord spoke through my dad today. He called and told me that whenever something doesn't go my way, I should pray and say Lord, thank you for directing my path!

WORD IN PRACTICE: If things had gone my way... who knows what would have happened... who knows what God blocked me from. Sometimes... you have to thank God for blocking you from yourself! HALLELUJAH!!!! I might shout by myself! WHEW! My pastor said the other day... we were made in God's image... not with God's mind! Our ways are not his ways, our thoughts are not his thoughts (Is. 55:8). So even when we think we know what's best or have a desired end in mind - God still knows best!!!! And his plan, alternate route, and expected end or better than anything we can dream, desire or imagine!!!

I'm getting a little excited over here... God's showing me the true meaning of his sovereignty. He's in control at all times!

Well... I'm back! Get ready... I guess I needed this break to renew my strength so I can continue being about my Father's business even through this blog! I hope y'all are ready... cuz it's about to be fire!!!

Here's two titles you can look forward to:
  • The Sermon that Changed My Life...
  • Posturing VS. Positioning...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

You're Never Gonna Meet Anybody If.................

I'm a people person. I enjoy being out and about when I'm in the mood. However, professional networking stumps me. Lately, several of my friends, have said the following words: "You're never going to meet anyone if you're at home."

Now... this statement befuddles me because I am all of the above that I mentioned. For crying out loud friends and countrymen... have you not read my previous posts?!?! I'm a busy lady!!!! What I haven't shared is that I've had house guests for the last two months. All of which I've entertained on some level. I've also spent a majority of the summer cruising around Houston.  Needless to say, I'm tired and I'm not in a going out mood right now. I feel like I need to catch up on my beauty rest and get my workout grind ON!! Gotta a goal set for my 27th birthday!!!

This taken into consideration, where did the idea come from that I have to go out with the expectation of meeting someone???? In my conversations with friends, I've learned that many single women look forward to their next wedding invite hoping that their "Mister Right" is  sitting across the aisle. Similarly, several of my friends go various places just to simultaneously meet guys while hanging out with the girls. This might work for some ladies... but I DON'T THINK THIS WAY... I live my life in the moment. My focus is on enjoying the people with whom I came. I avoid the expectation that every interaction with the outside world might be my "lucky day" to meet my new boo. If I lived with that expectation, I'd be disappointed every time I returned home.

My perspective is "if I happen to meet someone, great... if not... oh well!" It wasn't God's intended day for me. This doesn't mean that I don't think intently about the "face" I show the outside world. I look my best every time I leave my house, but that's because I take pride in ME. As I've stated many times, the man God has for me will find me. I could be under a rock and he'll turnover the right rock and the right time to get to me.

I realize that God has one person that He's intended for me... so what's the point wasting time meeting randoms if they aren't him. On the other hand... I don't mind getting to know various guys to see if they have potential. But these days... it's getting easier and easier to weed folks out in the first few conversations! LOL

Anyone who knows me should understand that I'm an active person - I enjoy girls nights with the homies, trying new restaurants, movies, traveling, Sooner football, and I'm always entertaining folks at my place. Add in work, exercising 3-4 times a week and church services/ ministry activities - I have a full life!

I know we have this idea that "God helps those who helps themselves." For me... going out more (which doesn't include clubs or the party life - not my style) is not the way for me to help God. I think my part of helping God comes from making a conscious decision to live faithfully in this single season, spending time cultivating my relationship with Him, and living a life in private and public that's pleasing to him. I know that out of pleasing God, he'll give me the desires of my heart (Ps. 37:4).

However... being that I'm single... my way might not be the perfect way......... so, all my married, Christian friends... please provide feedback. Is my perspective skewed... Help a sista out (and her single friends) out! I can see this becoming a great conversation!

In the meantime... enjoy the vid below!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wedding Season is a WRAP!

What a wonderful weekend... my parents came to visit this weekend and as usual I enjoyed their company. I think back to my high school self... I didn't appreciate my parents the way I do now. God really blessed me greatly when he assigned James and Gwen Taylor to carry out the task of being my parents.

This weekend I went to my last wedding of the season... that's it... FOUR weddings this summer. Whhheeeeeeeeeew... I'm glad it's over but happy for all of the wonderful couples: The Chaissons, The Johnsons, The Andersons, and finally The Duncans!!! I pray that God blesses each of their marriages and sustains them through all the joys and challenges. (Blame Diane Boyd for no pictures of the Chaissons wedding) :-)

On top of that, my parents celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary on July 30th. So... that's an awesome testament to God's sustaining power in marriage!

I'm reminded by all of my friend's wedding bliss to rejoice with those who rejoice (Rom. 12:15)! My day is coming with the man God has for me. And I'm confident that each of the aforementioned brides will be either in the audience or alongside of me celebrating my day! Whoop, whoop!!!

I'm having Internet issues... so before my Internet goes out again... That's all for now! Have a blessed week!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Put A Praise On It!

So............ this weekend was awesome! My sister and her two girls came to visit me and we had the best time! I got to do some tourist-y stuff that I would have never done had they not been here!

Beyond the silliness of the weekend, the trip was capped with an powerful trip to church. My sister and I both got a word that was on time and motivating. We took different things from the message.

The word I received is that Praise Provides Provision. It's easy to be envious in life... Green is a color many of us wear well. However, you can't be envious of people because you don't know what God took them through to get to the position that they are in. Not many of us would want to encounter the "battle" some people face when God is moving them along in their journey.

For many of us, we see the fruit of what God is doing. God's great at that... showing others the reward of the season that we've been in. However, he doesn't always allow others to see the trials, tribulations, and tests that we endured to get the the end result - the tangible reward others covet.

Today's message was so profound because I recently saw a picture of one of my ex's and his new chick (or so I think... I don't talk to him... so I'm not sure). But, although I'm over that... it stung to see the picture. It's so easy to get green with envy when you see these things... or even to watch a friend get married who at this same time last year had no desire to marry... Enviable opportunities avail themselves to us. But it's up to us to take an attitude of gratitude in the season where God has us and not get swayed by what we see. That being said... Now, faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things NOT seen (Heb 11:1)!

You never know what God has in store for other people and you never know what he's doing in their lives that you can't see. Yet... you have to keep an attitude of gratitude for where you are at this very minute. That's why the bible instructs us to give thanks is all things!(1 Thes 5:16-18)

So... when you're feeling green with envy... Praise God. Bless and extol His name no matter what the situation looks like! In fact, when things get tough... PUT A PRAISE ON IT! Praise is the buffer between you and your situation that God responds to!

Use your praise... and use it often! I will bless the Lord at all times... and his praise with continuously be in my mouth (Ps. 34)!

Life Changing Sermon!

Man... this sermon shook me to my core! Praise Produces Provision .... among other things... but there's a reason why the scriptures declare, "Let everything thing that has breath PRAISE THE LORD!"

Watch and enjoy!!

The Voice of Judah pt 2 from Place for Life on Vimeo.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

She still got it......

Good Sunday Evening!!

I was talking to my friend from college the other day and somehow we got on the topic of "if I still have it." Now, this came up for the obvious reasons... he knows that I haven't been in a relationship for the past two years.

If you're wondering what "it" is... It is the ability to pull... get a guys attention... or something along those lines... we all know what "it" is... but I can't adequately describe it or maybe I just did! LOL!

Anywho... I laughed his question off after he assured himself that I probably do still have "IT." As the week went on... my mind never strayed too far away from our conversation. I started to ask myself, "Do I still have it?" To be quite honest... this relationship hiatus has caused me to ponder this question. I know a portion of my internal answer stems from the value I place on my natural hair. I think, sadly, my hair has had some effect on my dating habits. Yet, my perception of "the hair factor" wavers from day-to-day. If I love my hair... I radiate confidence! If I'm not as enthused about my hair... it probably shows. All-in-all, I like me... actually... if not too cocky... I LOVE ME!!!

Yet... none of these factors are here nor there... the real "it" factor for me rests in the fact that I know that God has someone special for me. That man - I won't be able to shake - he'll chase me until I run out of breath... I take comfort in knowing that I won't have to worry about if I still have "it" with my God intended mate!

I like that I've passed on some people and, frankly, that I've been passed on... I recognize that all things are working together for my good (Rom 8:28). I appreciate when God intercepts for me and blocks me from make relationship mistakes and failures. God is doing something great in my life... and I know and HE knows i don't have have time to squander. When God is done working on me in this single season, my mate will help me propel to the next level in my destiny. And I'll happily the return the favor for him!

But... if you're thinking I got off the question... the answer is YEAH... your girl still has IT!! One of my clients hit on me last week... so I guess that goes to show the kid is still in the game! Besides... if I get to 30 unmarried, God and I have already discussed our backup plan! Wink, wink! :-)

Do you every wonder if you still have "it"? Comment and check out the jam below!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Praying for THE Partner..........

This is an early morning post... It's 3:45 am on Sunday morning and for some reason I can't sleep. The urge to write has overtaken  me to the point that I actually got out of bed to get my dad's laptop.

In case you're wondering... i didn't miss posting last week. I actually wrote a post... but I didn't feel released to publish it. If any of you know how the Holy Spirit can deal with you on certain things... then you know what I mean.... For all others... consider me "dealt with!"

This post easily displays the dichotomy that is my life. Yes... my last post was all about independence... but this one is quite the opposite! LOL... no I'm not crazy... as I've told you before, I'm just going through changes! LOL

This mind change thing, that the female species has gracefully mastered, is probably half of the reason I'm single! Hehe!

However, as I was tossing and turning in bed... I started doing something that has become part of my prayer life - I was praying for my future husband. Now, you might think this is weird, but for me it's like praying for a job interview you really want, or praying for God to touch your finances... it's just one of those things on my prayer list! :-)

I believe in faith and the concept of speaking things that be not as though they are or were (Ro. 4:17). Psalms teaches us that if we commit our ways to (please) God, He'll give us the desires of our heart (Ps. 37:4). I don't always do everything right... but I can say that in the past few years I've made a concerted effort to ensure the things I do are pleasing to God. I earnestly desire to please God with the way I live my life in public and private. Understanding this... I also know that it's possible to pray our desires into existence by praying in accordance with The Word. That doesn't mean I'll get them right away... our timeline is definitely not God's timeline. Yet, I believe praying in the flow of the will of God for your life is a method of showing sincerity to God. It also sends the message that you trust the promise he declares in Isaiah 55:11.

I know God has a plan and purpose for my life (Jer. 29:11). I know that it's His will that I prosper and be in good health (3 John 1:2). I pray in those "streams." Thus, this concept of prayer isn't unseemly when you consider that I know God didn't create man to be alone... he created a helper for man (Gen 2:18).... namely... ME (for a particular person, that is!)

Seriously though... imagination and the ability to conceive ideas and desires are a gift from God. That's how many of us figure out the "passions" we have in life. Likewise... the ability to one day be a wife is a desire that I believe God has given me. Despite wedding season... I'm not in a rush... I know that God is taking his time on cultivating the skills, ideas, and capacity for me to deal with one man for the rest of my life and similarly He's developing the necessary tools it will take for that special gentleman to deal with me!

So back to the topic... I PRAY FOR MY FUTURE HUSBAND! And, I hope he prays for me! What do those prayers sound like??? Well... God knows the details of what I desire in my mate... so the gist is:
  • that my husband is walking in the plan and purpose that God has for his life;
  • that he seeks God with all of his heart and leans not on his own understanding;
  • give him a desire for "more out of life"... to help him to be content with where God has him at the moment, but not settle for less than where God wants to take him;
  • when I meet him, he appeals to me (physically, educationally, career-wise);
  • help us finish the purpose that He's placed each of us on earth to complete. I want God to use each of us to help push and promote each other into the divine destiny He's called us to achieve! 

I know that my future husband is going to be a great man of God! He will be relevant and influential in his generation and time! I speak that and claim it for his life. In the meantime, I often wonder what's holding me back from meeting him. What is God trying to teach me or cultivate in my life that I'm missing? Is there something I'm supposed to learn, master or accomplish before I meet my husband? I believe that there's obviously a strategy in place. There's something that God is doing in me.

Knowing this, I'm committed to letting God work out whatever it is in me. When it's time for me to meet Mr. Right, I won't lag behind God's plan or sprint ahead of it. I want to be precisely in line with where God wants me to be! I'm certain of one thing however, He that has begun a good work in me, is faithful to complete it (Philippians 1:6)!

Bring on the process. Whomever he is, I'll be ready whenever he arrives!

I've shared... now you join in! Do you pray for your mate? What things do you pray for in a mate?