Me & My Blog

I am a 20-something African-American, Christian women who enjoys life! I have a career in the broadcast television industry. I enjoy meeting new people, hanging with my friends, traveling the world, and watching chick flicks and reality TV! I LOVE TO TRAVEL!!! My next excursion, prayerfully, will be to Africa - I'd love to do a safari in beautiful South Africa! My most recent travels have been to Isreal (March 2011) and China (Summer 2009). In the meantime, I try to stay as physically fit as possible... when I'm motivated! LOL

Getting to this blog has been an interesting, yet entertaining, journey! I've spent the last two years of my life single. Now, sometimes this notion is quite disturbing... other times I see it as a positive moment for me to sit back, watch God work, and enjoy my sassy single life! LOL

How did I get here???? Well... that's interesting too! After graduating from grad school, I moved back home to Houston and decided that I was going to let somethings go....... Let go of my snappy sailor mouth, let go of an ex-boyfriend whom I thought had marriage potential, and most importantly... let go of myself.
I finally decided that I was gonna surrender myself to whatever God had in store for me. That wasn't an easy decision... but I don't regret it one bit!! God has proven himself faithful and a source of strength in my weak, human moments. So......... in these two years, I've moved to a new city, met lots of great home-girls, an I've encountered some not-so-intriguing men along the way! The ONLY thing I've figured out in these two years is that 1) God is doing something awesome in my life, 2) He has a very special man just for me, and 3) If the guy wasn't so amazing... I wouldn't be on this long journey to get him!

So... what you can expect to read on my blog is my common sense, Christian journey through dating! While I'm waiting on the man God has for me, I've decided to spend the time I would consider "date night" with God instead of sulking about how lonely this time in my life could be. While I'm waiting for God to introduce me to my new boo, I'm taking as much time as I possibly can to get to know the true Lover of My Soul... Jesus Christ in a deeper, more intimate way!

Don't get it twisted... I LOVE MY LIFE and it's very exciting! Hop on board... cuz this will be a fascinating adventure! I hope this page blesses you as much as this journey will definitely bless me!