July 2011
Soooo... July is right around the corner! I hope you'll decide to join us for our three-part series on Knowing God! This month we'll learn to know God as the Father that he is! This is a series that's sure to get you thinking. As my relationship with God grows, I desire to help those around me find a meaningful relationship with our Lord and Savior as well! Make sure you come out - July 16th at 6pm - New Day Church - 9001 Mesa Drive, Houston, TX. See you soon!

The Foundation
My friend "B" and I are co-chairs of the Young Adult Ministry at our church! Every second Saturday of the month, we host SOUL SESSIONS! SOUL SESSIONS are interactive bible studies for adults ages 20 through 35. We focus on enhancing the spiritual and social lives of our young adults. Every month we host our bible study and a coinciding entertainment activity which lead to THIRD SUNDAYS... Youth and Young Adult Sunday!

Join us for enlightening sessions that stir the mind and touch the heart!