Sunday, August 14, 2011

You're Never Gonna Meet Anybody If.................

I'm a people person. I enjoy being out and about when I'm in the mood. However, professional networking stumps me. Lately, several of my friends, have said the following words: "You're never going to meet anyone if you're at home."

Now... this statement befuddles me because I am all of the above that I mentioned. For crying out loud friends and countrymen... have you not read my previous posts?!?! I'm a busy lady!!!! What I haven't shared is that I've had house guests for the last two months. All of which I've entertained on some level. I've also spent a majority of the summer cruising around Houston.  Needless to say, I'm tired and I'm not in a going out mood right now. I feel like I need to catch up on my beauty rest and get my workout grind ON!! Gotta a goal set for my 27th birthday!!!

This taken into consideration, where did the idea come from that I have to go out with the expectation of meeting someone???? In my conversations with friends, I've learned that many single women look forward to their next wedding invite hoping that their "Mister Right" is  sitting across the aisle. Similarly, several of my friends go various places just to simultaneously meet guys while hanging out with the girls. This might work for some ladies... but I DON'T THINK THIS WAY... I live my life in the moment. My focus is on enjoying the people with whom I came. I avoid the expectation that every interaction with the outside world might be my "lucky day" to meet my new boo. If I lived with that expectation, I'd be disappointed every time I returned home.

My perspective is "if I happen to meet someone, great... if not... oh well!" It wasn't God's intended day for me. This doesn't mean that I don't think intently about the "face" I show the outside world. I look my best every time I leave my house, but that's because I take pride in ME. As I've stated many times, the man God has for me will find me. I could be under a rock and he'll turnover the right rock and the right time to get to me.

I realize that God has one person that He's intended for me... so what's the point wasting time meeting randoms if they aren't him. On the other hand... I don't mind getting to know various guys to see if they have potential. But these days... it's getting easier and easier to weed folks out in the first few conversations! LOL

Anyone who knows me should understand that I'm an active person - I enjoy girls nights with the homies, trying new restaurants, movies, traveling, Sooner football, and I'm always entertaining folks at my place. Add in work, exercising 3-4 times a week and church services/ ministry activities - I have a full life!

I know we have this idea that "God helps those who helps themselves." For me... going out more (which doesn't include clubs or the party life - not my style) is not the way for me to help God. I think my part of helping God comes from making a conscious decision to live faithfully in this single season, spending time cultivating my relationship with Him, and living a life in private and public that's pleasing to him. I know that out of pleasing God, he'll give me the desires of my heart (Ps. 37:4).

However... being that I'm single... my way might not be the perfect way......... so, all my married, Christian friends... please provide feedback. Is my perspective skewed... Help a sista out (and her single friends) out! I can see this becoming a great conversation!

In the meantime... enjoy the vid below!


  1. Wow, this is indeed an interesting entry in which I will be more than happy to share my experience. Meeting my husband: September 2009, I was trail riding hard for three days straight; sweaty, dirty, hot, tired, and worn-looking. My husband thought I was it lol. This is an example that you don't have to be the one seeking a man. As I understand it, he is supposed to find you. I totally agree with you on God's timing. My husband and I lived on opposite sides of Houston and never ran into each other until that night in 2009; it was destined to be. I don't understand the reason, I just understand the season, and I know that when God is ready for you to meet him, that is when it will happen; not a moment more or less. You are doing the right thing with waiting and praying and living your life without the binoculars on 24/7. Patience sucks, but it is well worth the wait to have the one that God saved just for you!

  2. Wow! First, I would like to give honor to God. Next, I would like to say, congrats!!! I love this blog!!! I am in a similar situation but minus the friends. Lol I do lack a social life which has its pros and cons. I whole-heartedly agree and respect the way you going about finding "Mr. Right". I have been patiently waiting on God to send my knight in shining armor lol no but on a more serious note I have never been more connected with God. I thank him for this single time as it allows me to grow not only in the spirit but also in the flesh. God is preparing us for that "special man", he won’t send him too soon, for we will not yet be equipped to handle and love him as we should. I don’t feel the need to look, for when the time is right our hearts will know. (What God has for me, is for me) so I'm not doing no tripping lol on another note I absolutely loved the video and song!!!

  3. hey..FYI- God helps those who help themselves is NOT in the bible...its also not theologically correct,If we could help ourselves them that negates the need for a God and makes Christ's sacrifice of relax,you have it right,you don't have to do the finding..''the race is not to the swift,nor to men of understanding,but time and chance happens to them all'' so when your time and chance coincide,you will be in place!(think of how He orchestrates the stars in place),how much more positioning you to be in place to meet the man He has for you?

  4. Thanks for the comment... I hate the anonymous post thing because i don't know who I'm talking to!

    By the way... I didn't say that "God helps those who help themselves" was found in the bible. When I use scripture, I generally put the passage reference behind it.

    But I do agree with you... God is orchestrating something great! And in spending time with Him... He'll put me right where he wants me to meet Mr. Right at his appointed time!