Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wedding Season is a WRAP!

What a wonderful weekend... my parents came to visit this weekend and as usual I enjoyed their company. I think back to my high school self... I didn't appreciate my parents the way I do now. God really blessed me greatly when he assigned James and Gwen Taylor to carry out the task of being my parents.

This weekend I went to my last wedding of the season... that's it... FOUR weddings this summer. Whhheeeeeeeeeew... I'm glad it's over but happy for all of the wonderful couples: The Chaissons, The Johnsons, The Andersons, and finally The Duncans!!! I pray that God blesses each of their marriages and sustains them through all the joys and challenges. (Blame Diane Boyd for no pictures of the Chaissons wedding) :-)

On top of that, my parents celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary on July 30th. So... that's an awesome testament to God's sustaining power in marriage!

I'm reminded by all of my friend's wedding bliss to rejoice with those who rejoice (Rom. 12:15)! My day is coming with the man God has for me. And I'm confident that each of the aforementioned brides will be either in the audience or alongside of me celebrating my day! Whoop, whoop!!!

I'm having Internet issues... so before my Internet goes out again... That's all for now! Have a blessed week!


  1. Thank you for the prayers and well wishes James. I love you!