Sunday, July 24, 2011

She still got it......

Good Sunday Evening!!

I was talking to my friend from college the other day and somehow we got on the topic of "if I still have it." Now, this came up for the obvious reasons... he knows that I haven't been in a relationship for the past two years.

If you're wondering what "it" is... It is the ability to pull... get a guys attention... or something along those lines... we all know what "it" is... but I can't adequately describe it or maybe I just did! LOL!

Anywho... I laughed his question off after he assured himself that I probably do still have "IT." As the week went on... my mind never strayed too far away from our conversation. I started to ask myself, "Do I still have it?" To be quite honest... this relationship hiatus has caused me to ponder this question. I know a portion of my internal answer stems from the value I place on my natural hair. I think, sadly, my hair has had some effect on my dating habits. Yet, my perception of "the hair factor" wavers from day-to-day. If I love my hair... I radiate confidence! If I'm not as enthused about my hair... it probably shows. All-in-all, I like me... actually... if not too cocky... I LOVE ME!!!

Yet... none of these factors are here nor there... the real "it" factor for me rests in the fact that I know that God has someone special for me. That man - I won't be able to shake - he'll chase me until I run out of breath... I take comfort in knowing that I won't have to worry about if I still have "it" with my God intended mate!

I like that I've passed on some people and, frankly, that I've been passed on... I recognize that all things are working together for my good (Rom 8:28). I appreciate when God intercepts for me and blocks me from make relationship mistakes and failures. God is doing something great in my life... and I know and HE knows i don't have have time to squander. When God is done working on me in this single season, my mate will help me propel to the next level in my destiny. And I'll happily the return the favor for him!

But... if you're thinking I got off the question... the answer is YEAH... your girl still has IT!! One of my clients hit on me last week... so I guess that goes to show the kid is still in the game! Besides... if I get to 30 unmarried, God and I have already discussed our backup plan! Wink, wink! :-)

Do you every wonder if you still have "it"? Comment and check out the jam below!

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